Toby Fox’s Hideout: Issue No. 1

“Toby-meki Memorial” (UNDERTALE & DELTARUNE Anniversary Series)

Fujikawa Q Editorial Dept.
09.19.2022 6:30PM

In commemoration of the anniversary of UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE Chapter 2, creator Toby Fox has launched the column “Toby Fox’s Hideout”. Weekly Famitsu has been home to numerous series written by game developers before. Toby will be publishing a brand new article every month, along with an official translation brought to you by 8-4.

Now without further ado, let’s get to our momentous first issue!

Toby Fox. You may know him for his work, UNDERTALE. Lives in the United States. He is currently developing his latest work, DELTARUNE. He has also provided music for Pokémon Sword and Shield and Super Smash Bros.
“Why did I get this series? I’m really not sure! But I did my best to write it, so here it is.”

Issue No. 1 - Toby-meki Memorial

Personally, I’m very glad to have learned Japanese. It’s because of this I’ve been able to play a variety of interesting games that haven’t been released abroad. Not long ago, I played Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You on the Playstation. Released in the mid-1990’s, this dating simulator is one of the titles said to have revolutionized the genre.

Living the life of a high-schooler, players must improve their academic and sports stats while frequently going on dates with girls, attempting to gain their affection. If a girl’s feelings are high enough by the ending, she will confess to you under the legendary tree and the two of you will live happily ever after......

...So, how do you make your dates a success?

Often in their first appearance, each girl can be recognized as “the __ type” after just a bit of dialogue. So kill off all your ego, id, and sadism and do anything and everything she wants you to. For example, the spectacled, somewhat anemic girl will enjoy the library, and the mad scientist girl will enjoy… world conquest. Either way, your dates will be prosperous as long as you observe the girl and do the things that might delight her.

Suppose there is a girl in a gigantic hot dog costume. When you call her on the phone, you will be given a choice of date plans.

> Planetarium

> Hot dog shop

You promptly go to the hot dog shop with her, and she says this to you.

“Hahh... I feel so at ease when I look at hot dogs. It’s like I’m a hot dog, soaking in a steaming hot tub of hot dog water.”

Here, you will be given the choice of how you want to respond.

> Dried up hot dogs kind of look like cat turds. (This answer sucks.)

> Some of the light being emitted by the hot dog water is arriving from a star 1000000000 light years away. (Neither a good or bad answer. Works well on mad scientist girls.)

> I like hot dogs too. (Best answer.)

If you reply “I like hot dogs too”, she’ll say, “R- really...?”, and blush. This is evidence she likes you. And that’s how you win her over.

The girl, now having entered the rosy “tokimeki state”, will begin to ask you almost every day to walk home together after school. It doesn’t matter what your plans are. It doesn’t matter whether you want her to ask you or not. It’s always going to be, “I- I’m not turning red. ...I just have ketchup on my face.”

The two of you will walk the path from school and talk about this and that. Like, “Why does the store sell a different amount of hot dog buns in every bag than they do hamburger buns?” In the meantime, you’ll have arrived at the neighborhood park. “What a lovely park!”, she’ll say, then fall into silence. Suddenly, her expression will turn grim. “But I’m terrified of the birds.”

Just two days later, a strange rumor circulates around the school. Apparently, you went to the hamburger shop. She’s angry that she was “betrayed”. And next to her name is a bomb icon... If you let this go on for a few days, her anger will explode, covering the other girls in a splatter of mustard. (Gross!)

You’ll have to give her a birthday present to placate her. Make sure you choose carefully...

> Yogurt mushroom

> Gogurt mushroom

> Hot dog necklace

Here, “hot dog necklace” is your only shot.

So then she’ll say, “No way... I’ve always wanted one of these. Giving me a present so suddenly... I’m absolutely pickled! Thank you!”, in delight. Gobbling up the necklace, she’ll say, “Wow, this hot dog sure is tough! I’d better put it in the microwave.” And like so, the 3rd semester will somehow reach its end. Now that you’ve received a letter, it’s finally time to head down to the legendary tree...

Illustration: tyy

...There she is! Clad in her hot dog costume, Miss H. Autdog.

“Thanks to you, I now know that there’s other foods in the world besides hot dogs. I’m truly grateful...” Her words tug at your heart.

It’s at this very moment that a flock of birds swoop down and begin swarming her.

“Stop it!” she cries.

Mercilessly the birds peck.

Into shreds the hot dog costume is torn.

A shriek surges up, the music ceases, and the camera slowly moves down…

And laying upon the ground remains nothing but her shoes, the girl nowhere to be seen.

After a short pause, another girl appears, and the normal ending proceeds as usual.

...So, yeah, I hope Konami will include this episode in their next installment!

~“Toby-meki Memorial” - END~